UNCTAD-ISAR initiated in 2003 the project on Corporate Responsibility indicators.  Nancy kamp Roelands  chaired the group of experts in this project and has wrote annually papers on stakeholder information needs, guiding principles for reporting on corporate responsibility indicators in the annual report and the kind of indicators and how they need to be measured and reported. This resulted eventually in the UNCTAD-ISAR publication on corporate responsibility indicators. Th publication can be downloaded on www.unctad.org

In addition she and her team performed reseach on how the top companies in the top 10 emerging markets reported on these Corporate Responsibility indicators. The research results were presented at UNCTAD-ISAR’s 25th session and can be dowloaded on www.unctad.org.

Also research was performed on how the top 100 companies listed in the World Invesment Report (WIR) reported on their Carbon Emission Policy, Management and Performance. The research was presented at UNCTAD-ISAR’s 26th session and can be downloaded on www.unctad.org.