Providing Assurance on Carbon Emission Information

In the light of the increasing importance of taking action against climate change, companies and other organisations formulate policies and provide informaion on how they have reduced their environmental footprint. In this regard the reduction of carbon emission and other related green house gas emissions is key.

Increasingly companies publish either on a voluntary or on a mandatory basis information on their carbon emissions. In some jurisdisdictions there is a system of tradeable emission rights where the rights in relation to emitting carbon result in a financial value. There is increasingly a need for assurance on the reliability of information on carbon emissions.

As a result IFAC-IAASB  has initiated a project on assurance in relation to carbon information. I was a member of the working group until early 2010 and am now a member of the experts providing comments to working drafts. At the beginning of the project Roundtables were been held in Australia, North America and Europe (hosted by FEE).

For more information see www.ifac.org