Combines applied research with needs in practice

  • Author of several articles on environmental and CSR reporting and auditing (1995-currently)
  • PhD thesis on auditing environmental reports (2002)
  • Wrote for the European Federation of Accountants (FEE) the research paper “Expert statements in Environmental Reports” (1996)
  • Co-author of the FEE Discussion Papers “Providing Assurance on Environmental Reports” (1998) and “Providing assurance on sustainability reports” (1999) which provided the basis of the standards for providing assurance in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands
  • Member of Working Party that prepared the FEE papers Green House Gas and the Accountancy profession (2002), Benefits of Sustainability Assurance (2003), Assurance for Sustainability (2004), Assurance for sustainable supply chain (2005), Alert on Emission Trading (2005)
  • Co-author of research on the reliability of environmental information and environmental information systems within environmental management systems. This research was performed on behalf of the Limperg Institute (interuniversity research institute for accountancy-research). In this paper she has developed an environmental management system to could form the basis for a reliable environmental report. This environmental management system combined the frameworks of ISO 14001 with that of COSO for internal control.