Dr. Nancy Kamp-Roelands RA MA

Nancy Kamp-Roelands studied business administration at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. In addition she followed the postgraduate courses in accountancy (EUR) and environmental accountancy (UvA). After that she finished her PhD at Tilburg University. She is Global Climate Change and Sustainability Reporting Coordinator at Ernst & Young and visiting professor at Strathclyde University in Glasgow.


UNCTAD_logoProjects in 2010:

  • Member of the executive board of the Prince of Wales project Accounting for Sustainability
  • Vice-Chair of the Sustainability Group of the Federation of European Accountants, FEE
  • Member of the Sustainability Expert Advisory panel of the International Federation of Accountants
  • Chair 27th session of UNCTAD-ISAR
  • Chair of the expert panel of the Dutch Transparency Benchmark

Former projects:

  • Founder and Program director CSR Management & CSR Auditing at Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Chair Corporate Responsibility Indicaors project UNCTAD-ISAR
  • Advsory panel Royal NIVRA’s project non-financial information
  • Chair and judge of the European Sustainability Reporting Awards
  • Judge ACC Award
  • Member of IFAC-IAASB working group drafting the assurance standard on Carbon Emission information
  • Member of Dutch Auditing Standard Board and of the working group responsible for standard 3410 Assurance engagements related to sustainability reporting
  • Secretary of the working group on corporate social responsibility of the Council on Annual Reporting (now Dutch Accounting Standards Board)
  • Member various projects within Global Reporting Initiative
  • Technical Advisor of IFAC Education Committee
  • Royal NIVRA research papers on environmental and sustainability reporting and assurance
  • UNCTAD-ISAR Research paper on Corporate Responsibility and on Environmental Disclosures

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